8 vulture chicks hatch in Bejjur

8 vulture chicks hatch in Bejjur


Efforts of Telangana forest department are finally bearing fruits at the Bejjur Reserve Forest in Adilabad, which is home to the long-billed vulture known scientifically as the Gyps indicus. This vulture is one of the most critically endangered species in India. A. Shankaran, the assistant conservator of forests, said, “We have observed the hatching of seven-eight chicks in the past four months and the chicks are all healthy. This is a very encouraging sign. Keeping this success in mind, we have decided to increase the budget for their conservation to Rs 30 lakh from the current Rs 5 lakh.” Mr Shankaran said the department has established base camps near the cliff where these vultures have their nests. The camps have forest staff deployed for keeping round-the-clock watch on the vultures along with an expert biologist. He further said, “Everything possible is being done to save these species in the wild. As the drug Diclofenac is the main reason behind drastic decline of vulture population in the country, we culled Diclofenac-free cattle and placed the carcass for feeding. However, the vultures did not touch the carcass. They have their own source of food.”

via 8 vulture chicks hatch in Bejjur.