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This website is dedicated to the aggregation and dissemination of news stories and information from around the world about vultures. Some of these stories are new and other might be more historical in nature.

So why vultures? well firstly I was once told that it seemed that once I had been bitten by something I loved it. Well this is in part true but I have always loved vultures. I’m just lucky enough to have been bitten by a few of them quite a few times and yes it did make me love them even more.

Secondly and some what more importantly vultures are the most threated single group of aminals in the world. No other group as a totality has as many challenges or problems to over come as the vultures. All are on the IUCN Red List and some are very much on the edge of exstinction. Without the vutures humans will be facing some very real dangers whether like in India where the direct loss of the vultures is causing the death of over 25,000 people a year from Rabies or the possibility of the rise of a pathogen such a Plague, Anthrax that my cause huge losses of life in the future. Without Vultures the world is not such a good place.