IMG_2470The ICBP is a specialist birds of prey Centre opened to the public in 1967. Vultures have always been a part of our work. Since 1999 we have had a major involvement with the Vulture conservation crisis in South Asia.

Once the cause for the decline of the three main Gyps vultures in that area was identified, we became a part of the team to save the vultures. ind0505 (1)As our expertise is mainly in education and captive breeding it was the captive breeding that we focused on. The design of the enclosures and Centres in India and Nepal was done by ICBP, as was the incubation facilities and all the husbandry and captive breeding training.

We are delighted to be a part of what is now called SAVE and that now all three species have not only bred in ind0505 (11)captivity, but we are close to having bred F2 generations of two of the three highly endangered species.

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