04069bf6ab415a361b223b83fdd98b5e_400x400Founded in 1977, Ventana Wildlife Society led the way to successful reintroduction of the Bald Eagle and the California Condor, two of the most iconic birds in the world, to native habitats in Central California. Through a combination of rigorous scientific research, strategic communications, and meaningful outdoor curriculum we created effective tools to address tomorrow’s ecosystem management challenges. Ventana Wildlife Society applies these tools to recover threatened and endangered birds and species of concern to promote successful wildlife conservation. Working closely with local schools and other youth service providers, especially in the underserved communities, we also inspire hope for people and wildlife to thrive together by offering meaningful educational experiences for all ages. Ventana Wildlife Society educators strive to create citizen scientists and to inspire the next generation of wildlife stewards. The mission of VWS is to conserve native wildlife and their habitats. Ventana Wildlife Society employs a full-time staff and is governed by a Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

In California alone there are 130 species of animals in the wild threatened or endangered with extinction. Ventana Wildlife Society is committed to conserving native wildlife and their habitats. Rather than dwelling on past mistakes that brought many of our wild animals to the brink, we focus on the present. We recover individual species and track the populations of many others so that conservation can be timely as well as effective. Focusing on youth education, we better ensure that future generations have the willingness and capacity to help wildlife. Our vision is to have a society who cares for and supports wildlife across the planet, particularly in California.

Link to Website: www.ventanaws.org

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