1374903_631704740197720_917689791_nOur mission is to preserve the last Croatian population of Eurasian Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus), to bring back localy extinct vulture species, as well as to protect the most endangered species of birds of prey in Croatia.

In cooperation with the Ornithological station of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, we follow the population of these birds on Kvarner islands’ colonies. We ring Griffons and track their migration routes in Europe, Asia and Africa. We conduct supplemental feeding of vultures at feeding stations (“vulture restaurants”). By today we ringed and marked more than 880 Griffons.

We have a special role in rescuing young Griffons that fall into the sea because of unfortunate set of circumstances, and the ones which are found sick, injured or poisoned, and we run official Rescue center for Griffon vultures, licensed by the Ministry of environmental and nature protection, where we treat injured vultures until they are ready to be released in the nature. Until today more than 170 Griffons were rescued, and 122 successfully released back into the nature.

Because of the crisis, there is a question of our future existence. Therefore, we kindly ask you for any form of sponsorship or donations. We believe that your help will be also a good promotion for you, but primarily, it would be a help to us which is really necessary for our work and survival. As we believe that the man of today is quite lost in the materialism and is running through the life without knowing that he lived, we try to point out the values that once formed the foundation of human civilization, the time of close connection of man and nature, the time which has provided, materialism aside, much more of spirituality.

That’s why we want our Center, and you with us, to be at least one of the steps in the preservation of the world which is disappearing, and with which we are disappearing too.

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